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Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 80% Sativa / 20% Indica THC: 12% – 22%
Chernobyl is a sativa dominant strain with a 20:80 indica/sativa ratio. Essentially, it is a cross between Trainwreck and Trinity, which is then pollinated with Jack the Ripper. The strain is available in the form of medium to small tight buds, which are green in color all the while being covered with trichomes with orange hairs. It has a potent smell to it with lime and citrus undertones making it a funky smelling strain, which is quite pleasing at the same time. As for the flavor, it is exquisite. It has a smooth deep taste that resembles its smell. You will get a nice citrus flavor during the inhale, but on the exhale, it has a dank taste to it. One of the best things about the strain is that its effects can last for over three hours. You will experience euphoria all the while feeling extremely energetic. The high will wash away any anxiety or stress is highly recommended for day time use. Moreover, smoking the strain has also shown to increase appetite which is perfect for individuals suffering anorexia. However, the strain is also known to benefit patients with migraines or headaches.



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Subcool had almost given up on the idea of using Trainwreck in a cross. The Arcata was tall, slow flowering, and had a high chance of gender bending. All this changed the day Subcool met Smokescreen, who had a solution. Finally, Subcool had the plant containing the better qualities of Trainwreck without the high chance to hermie (switch genders). Trainwreck, crossed with Trinity, was then pollinated by a male Jack the Ripper owned by Dioxide. The result was Chernobyl – a strain that went on to be one of High Times strains of the Year in 2010. It is a long-lasting, lime-tasting, and mind-melting Sativa-dominant hybrid.

The effects of this strain can last up to three hours and induce a strong euphoria that fills users with an intense energetic buzz. Washing away stress and anxiety, Chernobyl may also reduce nausea and increase appetite. This strain may also help patients suffering from minor aches and migraines.

Retaining the height of its mother, Chernobyl responds well to being pruned. It needs to be supported when it begins flowering. For optimal yields, plants of this strain should be topped early and then trained to take up less vertical space. Chernobyl finishes flowering in eight to nine weeks.

Chernobyl is member of a prestigious line of well-renowned Chernobyl strains. It is an Indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis, unlike the majority of other Chernobyl strains. This makes it a fan favorite among the Chernobyl line of strains.

Chernobyl  has dense, light green buds covered with a healthy crystal frosting. Though the hairs are scarce, the ones that do dot the buds are a dark red. The aroma is a pungent earthy scent, like fresh tilled soil within a deep forest, all wrapped up in a citrus kick that stings the nostrils. The taste of Chernobyl is a blend of lemon and pine with undertones of fuel.

The effects are long lasting, delighting  users with a relaxed euphoria, leaving them content and uplifted. Some may notice a boost in creativity, while others may be left in a state of couch lock. The long lasting effects and heavy hitting qualities render it best used on relaxing days off from work or at night before watching a good flick.

The list of medicinal applications of Chernobyl is diverse and plentiful. Appetite simulation resulting from the smoke can prove useful for those suffering from anorexia. It can prove useful in combating nausea as well, making it a suitable choice for those suffering from side-effects of Cancer treatments. Chernobyl also offers chronic pain relief, so those dealing with arthritis or back pain will find it a useful strain. This strain is used to treat those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Bipolar Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The relaxation Chernobyl offers also  makes it suitable in treating anxiety and depression, and will no doubt alleviate stress levels.

Chernobyl can be grown both indoor and outdoors, but will require intermediate growing skills. The flowering time is generally 9 – 10 weeks, with a moderate to heavy yield. The THC content is high, so for experienced growers looking for a bit of a challenge and some potent bud, this will prove a good strain to test their skills. Chernobyl plants grow rather tall. Outdoors they can reach up to 7 feet tall. Indoors, they usually sprout around 4 to 5 feet tall.

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